Distribution Policy

Intelligent Capital intends to adopt a conservative Distribution Policy, by distributing taxable income to investors after sufficient funds have been allocated to adequately deal with expenses, capital expenditure, reserves, taxation, and debt amortization. Intelligent Capital will determine the amount of income to be distributed based on the best interests of Investors.

Compliance Policy

Intelligent Capital has implemented a Compliance Policy to ensure compliance with its license conditions, the license is then independently audited annually.

Code of Conduct Policy

The Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy forms part of Intelligent Capital accountability framework and has been developed to provide direction on a range of ethical issues that employees may be confronted with in their day-to-day work. Intelligent Capital is committed to complying with all applicable laws and standards and promoting fair and ethical behaviours.

Quality Policy

Achieving an excellent quality of work throughout the project lifecycle is a core value of Intelligent Capital. The Quality Management Plan (QMP) provides a framework for recording, managing and checking the quality aspect of a set work task. Through the implementation of the QMP, Intelligent Capital aims to satisfy its client’s needs within cost and time requirement.

Services affecting quality are documented via written manuals, procedures and specifications that contain appropriate standards for determining whether the services have been satisfactorily provided.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The ‘Code of Conduct’ defines conflict of interest as any circumstance, whether actual or perceived arising from a conflict between the performance of duty and private or personal interests. All Intelligent Capital employees have a responsibility to ensure that private interest must not compromise their objectivity when carrying out their duties.

WHS Policy

Intelligent Capital strives to provide a safe working environment for all individuals, visitors, employees, and clients. Intelligent Capital aims to identify any potential risks and hazards and take appropriate actions to measure, eliminate, control or mitigate the risks. The WHS policy is compliant with the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 and WHS Regulation 2011. A managed system approach is considered an effective way to improve and manage WHS in its business operation.

Risk Management Policy

Intelligent Capital endeavours to maintain a risk management process involving the establishment, analysis, evaluation, treatment, communication and ongoing monitoring of risks. Intelligent Capital conducts its business in a responsible manner to maximise returns and income. This is done by developing and improving business initiatives and operations through research to ensure that beneficial outcomes are achieved.

Intelligent Capital recognises that risk management is an integral part of good management practice. The aim of which is to achieve an improved decision-making process through an iterative sequence of steps. Intelligent Capital recognises that through a risk management process, losses can be avoided and opportunities for improvements can be identified which consequently increase the quality of decisions being made.

Foreign Exchange Hedging Policy

Intelligent Capital will receive income and hold all of its assets in Australian Dollars. Therefore, the equity capital or income of the funds will not be hedged at this present time.

Ethical Policy

Intelligent Capital implements its ethical policy in the interest of its investors. While undertaking decisions on whether to buy, hold or sell investments we review the environmental, social and ethical considerations of the investment.

We acknowledge that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues may affect the value and the long term performance of investments. Consequently, we indirectly take those factors into account when assessing the economic, financial and commercial factors relating to the investments, and accordingly our decision-making process in the selection, retention, and realisation of investments.